In December 2015, our small missionary team met to discuss plans for 2016. The team was made up of my parents, my then fiance, and me. We felt impressed of the Lord to choose the theme “Awakening,” as a focus for the New Life Church in Bucharest, Romania. My parents, who are also my supervising missionaries, Michael and Jill Patterson, are appointed missionaries to three countries. Many cities were discussed and it was a busy meeting.

Now, in December 2016, I can report that God has ignited that “Awakening” in Romania! Following are some highlights from our 2016 monthly newsletters that I would like to share with you… all glory to God!

Isaiah 25:1
O Lord, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.

New Record of 53 at Children’s Day Program

This past Sunday, we held a special service for the children. The theme was ‘CAMP COURAGE’. Children responded and many came to the altar for prayer. We had 53 in service, our greatest attendance yet! -May Newsletter

“CAMP COURAGE” was a challenge, but many hands make light work. AIMer Jonathan Butler, from Dothan, Alabama, really helped us. Through meticulous preparation by Christine and by getting out of our “zone” when it comes to evangelism, we were able to see many children touched by the presence of God.

100 Youth, 7 Received the Holy Ghost at Ukraine Youth Conference

The following week, 19-23, we traveled to the west of Ukraine to teach and preach at their youth conference. There was close to 100 youth at the conference, and 7 received the Holy Ghost! The leadership team in the Ukraine and Belarus are excellent. -July Newsletter

This youth conference was life changing for me. Talking with the organizers of this event and more particularly with Pastor Sergey Tomev, Kiev Church, I started to realize more deeply the importance of youth ministry. Bro. Tomev told me the future of the UPC of Ukraine depends on these young people, and their ministry team works very hard to give them every opportunity to succeed, both through youth camps, weekly programs, and Purpose Institute training. We need to invest in our youth!

13 Received the Holy Ghost, 50 Healings at Romania Youth on Missions

This month, God has allowed us to experience victory and strategic growth. The weekend of 18-21, the Bucharest Church and our Missionary team hosted the Regional Youth on Missions. A couple from Bulgaria, as well as other church groups in Bucharest, attended. Through the instruction of guest speakers Missionary Mark Shutes and Evangelist Landon Gore, we gained great confidence in God’s plan for our capital city. The doors opened for our team to evangelize in the streets, pray with people in their homes, and to minister in 2 Trinitarian Pentecostal churches at the invitation of the pastor.

13 received the gift of the Holy Ghost and around 50 testified of miraculous healings. Glory to God! We feel great victory in the connections and plan that God has birthed in us. -August Newsletter

This youth event changed the whole atmosphere of our ministry in Romania. We had worked hard to promote the event, though not as many attended as we had hoped. This, too, was orchestrated by God. We saw doors open to other church groups for our team’s ministry, allowing Missionary Mark Shutes and Evangelist Landon Gore to minister powerfully to new groups. We are planning a local YOM in Bucharest, August 3-6, 2017. I hope to see you here!

43 Received the Holy Ghost, 100 Healings at Romania Revival by Design

This past weekend, in the areas of Vrancea and Bucharest, we hosted ‘Revival by Design’ seminars with crusades. 43 received the gift of the Holy Ghost and over 100 testified of miraculous healings! Missionaries Patterson and Shutes organized this event with a local church organization. The Lord confirmed His Word and lives were transformed. -November Newsletter

Many times we just “hope” for revival, instead of implementing a strategy to have revival and to make disciples of Jesus. We are still seeing the fruit from these services come forth. Local pastors and church groups are seeing the importance of Jesus Name Baptism and the operation of the Gifts of the Spirit.

2017… Victory!

We are claiming the theme “Victory” in 2017. The highlights that I listed above did not just happen by themselves. It took months of planning, hours of prayer, and it took YOU! We rely on the support of our partners in missions in America. Thank you to everyone who gave to the “Awakening” that Romania experienced in 2016. I praise the LORD for His mighty acts!


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