Recently, college football coach Dabo Swinney told his Clemson team to “Bring Your Own Guts.” It quickly became a trend on the team and across college football to pull out the saying whenever it applied; it simply became known as B.Y.O.G. You can watch the moment Coach Dabo Swinney shared this saying in a post-game interview(Clemson is the 2017 College Football National Champions)

Today I want to talk about B.Y.O.G. when it applies to missions. Of course, I am talking about the informal definition of guts, “courage and fortitude; nerve; determination; stamina: Climbing that cliff takes a lot of guts.”

No One Can Give You Heart

We can have the biggest budget, the diplomas, the backing of big names, but when it comes down to it and we are faced with the biggest enemy of our life then it is time to “Bring Your Own Guts.” You must bring your own heart to the fight. Many times we expect things to work out on the mission field because they worked out for us back at home. In reality, every battlefield has its own set of challenges.

In the above interview, Coach Swinney told his players that they have been given everything they need, “scholarships, stipends, meals, a place to live, and nice uniforms but I can not give you ‘guts’ and I can not give you heart.”

  • Our pastors and churches invest so much into us. They give us their financial support, prayers, personal counseling and motivation, and ministry training. We have not paid one dime for that.
  • Our missionaries on the field arrange a place for us live, invite us into their family’s home, drive us to church, train us with the language and culture. We have not paid one dime for that.
  • Global Missions gives us resources, missions training, a team to help with our finances and promotion, and have given us a platform to follow behind legacies. We have not paid one dime for that.

There is one thing that none of those people and organizations can give us, and that is “heart.” We must honor their trust by committing ourselves to the mission. It is our responsibility to fight to the end. B.Y.O.G. 

“You either make it happen or watch it happen.” – Dabo Swinney

Are You Ready for the Call?

God has a specific plan for you. How do you know that plan? David formed a relationship with God while taking care of sheep. Moses was doing the same. Peter was fishing. Daniel was doing what he had always done, being faithful in his prayer life. Elisha was plowing a field. All of these men had to develop faithfulness in the present. They had to let go of something, in order to reach for the call of God.

We need to be faithful in the moment. Faithful to God. When we are called upon, we must have the heart to fulfill the call. David, here is your Goliath. Moses, here is your Pharoah. Peter, here is your Ministry. Daniel, here is your Lions Den. Elisha, here is your Mantle. Reader, here is your Mission Field.


“Ready to Lead, Ready to Follow, Never Quit.”

-U.S. Navy Seals Official Motto



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