This signature phrase has kept our nation. IN GOD WE TRUST first appeared on the 1864 two-cent coin, according to this U.S. Department of Treasury article. On this historical day, the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, I want to give my two-cents on why this phrase is so significant.

The Beacon of Freedom

The United States of America is a lighthouse of freedom. In Romania, where I live and pastor, I notice many people wearing USA-themed clothing. Scarves, bags, shirts, hats and even shoes are adorned with red, white, and blue. At first, I was thankful to see so many people admire my country. Proud that no one chooses to wear a Chinese-themed shirt or a Russian-themed hat, but they choose to wear something American! I had never seen so much USA-themed clothing in my life, no, not even in America itself. After seeing so many, though, and in particular one guy wearing a USA flag themed scarf (unusual, I know), I started to think if they really appreciated what they were wearing. If they understand the significance of that beautiful Star-Spangled Banner draped so casually over their shoulder.

In any case, I believe that our nation should be honored and respected. America is not just a symbol of power, but it is a symbol of democracy and religious freedom. I count it a great honor to be an American. We all should.

One Nation Under God

God has granted America His favor. We the People of the United States should never forget that for two reasons. One, to pray for our nation. Two, to represent our nation accordingly. The world is watching us. I do not want America to be known for Hollywood, Burgers, or Pop Stars, but I want America to be known for the freedom she gives her citizens, the justice by which she leads the world, and above all the trust she has in God!

I wish President Donald Trump all the best. I wish we all Make America Great Again. Most of all, I wish America stays true to her conviction, IN GOD WE TRUST!


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