Welcome to another article on THE NAVIGATION DESK. I am sitting at my desk enjoying a small cappuccino that I just got from the local coffee shop. The convenience of a European lifestyle is very… well… convenient. In a 5 minute stroll from my apartment, I can do the following things: grocery shopping, bank business, have a coffee, 5 pharmacies, buy flowers for my wife (she likes that), eat fast food, fix my phone or computer, get a haircut, go to a church, buy clothes 2nd hand or a department store, and more. No, I do not have a car right now but why would I need one when you can all these things by walking? Plus the underground train system (metro) is 2 minutes from my front door and it can take me anywhere in this 2 million strong city. The metro system is efficient, cheap, and safe. In fact, my entire living condition is efficient, cheap, and safe.

The Highlighter

The purpose of my article today is not to talk about where I live. The purpose is to highlight the good things that we experience on the mission field.

We are all capable of picking up a highlighter and focusing on the negative things. For example, I could highlight no car, the apartment is small, traffic and people are loud,  pollution, and the list goes on and on and on… for a negative highlighter.

I do not want to highlight the things that could be better; rather, I want to highlight the things that ARE BETTER.

“If you will be an encourager there will always be a need for you.” Wayne Huntley

The mission field is a battle and the greatest weapon the devil has is “discouragement.” The devil wants us to highlight the negatives. He wants us to forget the calling, anointing, and power that we have from God.

Throw away the negative highlighter. God has called you. God has anointed you. God has empowered you.

Last Sunday’s Visitor

A lady walked into our church last Sunday and told us her story: she had been beaten by her previous husband, forced to have an abortion on her first child, and now her second child is very sick because of the abuse. She was asking God “Why?” She was crying. She had lost hope. My family and I picked up our highlighters and focused on where God had brought her. God brought her to a church that loves her, cares for her, will help her, and that will introduce her to Jesus. She had never walked into our church before. She was an answer to prayer. Now, that is something to highlight.

Missionaries Are Encouragers

I have been afforded the opportunity to be around a lot of missionaries. Missionaries are heroes of the faith; front line officers who brave the onslaught of hell to bring the glory of heaven to the lost. They are also the most positive, uplifting, and faith building thinkers that the world has ever known. Take for example Paul when he said, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” He also said, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Paul must have been using his positive highlighter when he wrote this.

To this day, missionaries proclaim victory. Missionary to Greece, Sim Strickland, once said, “For every valley, there are two mountains. There is twice as much victory as there is defeat.”

It takes courage to be an encourager.

Each one of us could have highlighted the bad things in the visitor’s life last Sunday, but that is not what she needed. She needed someone to uplift her. She needed the highlighter. I pray you are that highlighter in someone’s life today.


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