Daniel Patterson

Welcome. Thank you for exploring my blog. To share a few things about myself…

Early Life

I was born in 1991 to young missionaries appointed to Germany. We did not have much but we had each other. I have a sister 3 years older than me.

In 1995, our family packed up our life and moved to Romania, Eastern Europe. My parents have been missionaries to Romania ever since. It was through this lifestyle that eating strange foods, riding down dirt roads, and fulfilling the bare necessities in bare places seem normal to me.

Thanks to growing up in Europe, where the size of countries is like that of states in America, I was able to travel to many cool places. I have been to 30 countries on 3 continents.

College Years

In the fall of 2009, I again packed up my life… well, whatever can fit in a shared college dorm room… and moved to Texas. I started Bible College with great excitement to learn.

Over the next four years, life taught me a lot of lessons. I started my first job as a dishwasher in the school’s cafeteria before moving on to be a waiter at a seafood restaurant. Lifelong friends were made. Late night pranks + early morning alarms = midday exhaustion. That is a summary of college dorm life.

The classroom was a new frontier for me, as I was homeschooled on the mission field. I was determined to succeed. I graduated with honors, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Theology.

Life Now

I always knew what I wanted to be, “when I grew up.” I wanted to be a missionary. In May 2013, two weeks after my college graduation, I returned to Romania to assist my parents.

Living in the capital city of Bucharest, I started acclimating to a new lifestyle. I enrolled in the fall at the Bucharest University to take a one-year language course to fine tune my rusty Romanian. I started as an assistant pastor in the local church and traveled with my dad to church groups around Romania.

It was in the fall of 2013, that I first saw the love of my life. We were both attending a youth conference in France. Over the next few months, a friendship developed. In late 2014 we started dating, and it did not take long before I asked the all important question on a sunset hillside in beautiful Budapest. She said yes! Christine Nicol soon became Christine Patterson in March 2016.

Now, we live in a small apartment on the north side of the city and are enjoying life together. I pastor the Bucharest Church, organize youth events in Europe, and travel in Romania and other countries to preach and teach. Christine is an expert cook, anointed minister, my travel partner, and always makes me look good… which I desperately need.

Why Do I Write

My life is full of lessons passed and failed. I want to share my experiences with you and help you navigate through world missions a little easier. I was born on the mission field, raised on the mission field, live on the mission field, and plan to stay on the mission field. To keep the lessons I have learned to myself would be selfish, so I want to share them with you.



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16195303_1394215517284661_7444720359565211459_nMissionary Valita Jill Patterson has served on the mission field, along with her husband, for over 25 years. The Pattersons served on AIM for 3 years in Germany and now they are fully appointed missionaries to Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania. Sis. Patterson plays the piano, sings in 3 languages, teaches Sunday School, and leads ladies ministries. She, also, serves the Europe & Middle East region through children’s ministry and prayer ministry.

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ff52f348-4f05-4d1a-9c66-1c35fa6dd2c8Charles Nicol is an inspiration to his community and his local church in Glasgow, Scotland. Although blind, he has a joint degree in French and History and has worked as a computer programmer for over 25 years. His ministry includes leading worship, preaching, and teaching. To this day, he and his wife, Marie, faithfully support worldwide missions.

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Christine Patterson

10428446_10205666954010102_3453712527660194521_nChristine Patterson is a joy to everyone she meets. Growing up in Glasgow, Scotland, she excelled in her studies, earning offers from Universities. Instead, she decided to go to Harvest Bible College where she graduated as valedictorian. Christine has dedicated her life to the work of God. She currently serves as an Associate Missionary in Romania, leading worship and children’s ministries, and being involved in various ministry endeavors across the Europe & Middle East region.

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